Rick's Other Books

Texas Music is a whimsical overview of what is arguably the most musical state in the union. There are so many major contributors to virtually every sonic style that it’s sorta overwhelming — and perhaps even more impressive is the fact that Texas has musicians in each of those styles that are incredibly brilliant but virtually unknown. I wanted to explore all of this in a way that made people laugh and that was, from a technical standpoint, easily digestible to the average reader.
Louisiana Music was a logical follow-up to Texas Music because, if any state rivals the Lone Star State for the quality and diversity of its music, it would be Louisiana. At the same time, the focus and cultural flavors of the music in Louisiana are different in a lot of significant ways. For this book, then, I decided to take a year and attend as many Louisiana music festivals as possible and cross-pollinate a first-person travelogue with a layperson’s history of the different types of styles and artists. By doing that and writing it all down, I hoped to understand how it all helps define and enhance the people and communities of a wonderful state. Naturally, I wanted the reader to go along on the voyage.