Finn Coffee’s scored the perfect job, in the perfect town, with the perfect girlfriend, and the perfect boss. What could go wrong?

Funny you should ask ...

From golf balls to corpses, Finn Coffee likes things to go neatly underground. When he lands a job after graduating from mortuary school with a prestigious funeral home in the glittery casino town of Treasure Coast, Mississippi, the perfect setup turns sour once Finn discovers his co-worker Brad Sheepcake has been making movies on the side — starring attractive ingénues with a singular talent: they’re dead. Brad’s sideline — necro-por— is so successful, a ruthless crime syndicate muscles in on the action. Problem is, there aren’t enough pretty girls dying fast enough to meet the demand. To speed up the process, hotties in Treasure Coast start disappearing — including a New Orleans heiress. Enter Crescent City PI Kip Quigley, hired to find the girl. Kip might look like a grown-up Hardy Boy, but he was fired from the NOLA police department for excessive violence and he’s lost patience with a stupid world. During his investigation, he befriends Finn. And when the mobsters kidnap Finn’s girlfriend, Polly Whitlock, to ensure he keeps his mouth shut, Kip must widen his scope to take on the entire Dixie Mafia and a lunatic former Southern rock musician.

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"If you like your coffee and humor dark, then Rick Koster delivers in spades with the introduction of Finn Coffee and irrepressible New Orleans private investigator Kip Quigley. Poppin’ a Cold One will leave you thinking, ‘What is this guy’s problem? And I hope he doesn’t change.’ ... I’ll be standing in line for the next one.
—Tim Dorsey, New York Times bestselling author of Florida Roadkill and Gator a-go-go

"Shades, no pun intended, of Donald Westlake and J.D. MacDonald in Poppin' a Cold One. It's a mystery, so dark and hilarious, you'll be laughing through the shock even as you stay up all night reading and marveling at the language, characters, and fantastic skewering of all that is ridiculous. Rick Koster is a fine writer and one daring Texan."
—Luanne Rice, New York Times bestselling author of thirty novels, including The Lemon Orchard and Little Night

“Sick, twisted, and very funny. A rollicking send-up of horror and crime books. Rick Koster has written two of my all-time favorite books on American music. His debut novel has a much creepier soundtrack, think Six Feet Under meets The Sopranos.”
—Ace Atkins, New York Times bestselling author of the Spenser and Quinn Colson series

“Hilariously obscene. I loved it! If there’s a line you’re not supposed to cross, you can bet it’s so far in Rick Koster’s rear view mirror it’s never coming back. Poppin’ a Cold One is as beautifully twisted as anything John Waters ever dreamed up, yet Koster’s smooth command of voice and character puts him right up there with the likes of Tarantino and Elmore Leonard. Crime fiction never felt so dirty.”
—Joe McKinney, author of Dead City and Mutated